Thursday, December 06, 2007

UC Berkeley Extension X405 Digital Photography Fundamentals

Assignment 02: Take lots of photos

Posting all the pictures in a Picasa album is easier than copying things back and forth on usb memory sticks (mainly because I just discovered that I need to upgrade to a much bigger one ...). Here's a link to the album, unfined and unfiltered:

Resized Bottle

Turn out the lights ...

Assignment 03: Over/under exposures


Assignment 04: Randomness


Pano of Pier 48

Assembled from 3 images using Photoshop CS2:

Pano of South Beach Marina breakwater

Assembled from 2 images in Photoshop CS2:

Artist links and other misc

Whitney Hubbs
Noah Wilson
Paul Wackers
Richard Prince
Jeff Koons

Tourist Club

Lulu publishing

Discount Builders' Supply